Creating a new era of precision health, wellness, and fitness.

Built on 25 years of science and evidence-based research, the PEAR Platform augments instruction with technology to educate teachers and create happier, healthier people. PEAR develops personalized digital solutions that maximize client engagement and the potential of your equipment, content and professional teachers.


Our goal is to connect the wellness industry with the future of preventative healthcare.

Personalized for everyone

Deployable at scale

Accessible to all


The wellness industry is flourishing with pilates and yoga studios, innovative equipment businesses, and apparel companies.

The practice of wellness thrives on its historical origins. However, these age-old practices are almost entirely tracked with paper and pen, creating challenges as the industry strives for scale.


Proven historically is succeeding wildly within niche markets but there still a barrier of entry to broad acceptance for these modalities


PEAR’s digital wellness solutions make paper tracking history.

This cost and time efficient platform is backed by decades of science with proven technology, bringing wellness brands across the digital divide. Deliver content from a full library, or create and customize your own content based on your brand culture and clientele.


Our passion is to educate our community on the healing power of movement. We are excited to take this education to the next level digitally with PEAR. Our teachers are thrilled about the idea of having a way to share their knowledge and heal at scale.

Dr. Brent Anderson
Founder, President & CEO, Polestar Pilates

Holistic Innovation

Smart Intake Form
Pinpoints the appropriate exercise set through an evidence based assessment of user’s current physical condition.

PEAR Training Intelligence® creates custom programs using AI technology that leverages assessments to interpret each individual’s ability levels, fitness needs, and attainable goals.


Flexible Benefits

PEAR’s proprietary technology can

Create a custom branded content experience for your community

Educate your community at scale with a custom, digital platform

Improve client outcomes with adaptable training plans based on individual progress

Bring your brand’s culture and vision to life digitally and interactively

Take your business from paper to paperless

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As we continue to create and produce content, we believe that with PEAR’s technology we will be able to educate and deliver the healing qualities of Pilates movements to our community wherever they are.

Balanced Body Rep

Proven Technology

PEAR completed a 5-year study on 1,500 non-active adults.

The study measured the outcomes of personalized activity prescriptions given to each individual, matching their unique physiology and performance levels. 


Results showed significant improvements in fitness, resting heart rate and perceived energy levels. Participants also experienced significant reductions in body mass index (BMI) and cholesterol levels.

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In the Training Intelligence® group, 89% of participants reached the start line of their desired goal event with 100% completion rate. This result was achieved for five consecutive years.

Only 9% of the control group made it to the designated event.

Case Study Results include:


of participants reached their original goal


enjoyed the


would do it


reported higher energy levels

reduction in
reduction in
reduction in resting
heart rate
increase in aerobic

Expert Minds

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Joseph Quinn

President and General Manager, PEAR Wellness

Joseph has been a professional in postural alignment, precision movement and breathwork for 20 years. As a serial entrepreneur, Joseph founded the first Classical Pilates studio in Berkeley, California in 2004, and then Pilates Metrics, a digital software company for pilates professionals to easily chart and track clients’ progress and results. In 2021, Pilates Metrics was acquired by PEAR, and Joseph now leads PEAR Wellness, bringing evidenced-based approaches for preventative care to those dealing with musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions.


Jon Ackland

Chief Science Officer, PEAR

Jon Ackland leads the PEAR Performance and Science team. Jon is a world-renowned exercise physiologist and performance expert who has coached world champions and world record holders across a number of disciplines. His pioneering work in physiological AI contributes to PEAR Training Intelligence AI engine and has built training plans for many.


Dr. Amy Lee

Chief Medical Officer, PEAR

Dr. Lee is triple board certified and is a leading expert in nutrition and lifestyle change. She advises PEAR on medical applications to personalize and prescribe digital training plans for its Population Health and Wellness partners. Dr. Lee is a reputable voice for health and wellness and has contributed to Real Simple, Martha Stewart Living and Good Housekeeping Magazines and is a commentator for KTLA.


Field tested and proven over 25 years

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As a leader in Pilates education and equipment, Balance Body created an expansive library of Pilates moves, workouts and educational content to share with it’s growing community through their first app, built with PEAR. The app features workouts and training plans to help the Balanced Body community stay engaged and flexible in mind and spirit.

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Corefirst believes that all movement and alignment begins at the core. This is the mission of their strap equipment that can be used in any part of the home or gym. The Corefirst app, built with PEAR, educates and demonstrates a variety of moves and full workouts that encourage living and moving from the core first.

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The premier international source for education of healing through movement, Polstar is working with PEAR to bring its educational content to all who are interested and passionate about how moving your body and creating a flexible spine can deliver long-term health benefits. Polstar seeks to deliver their international community of educational professionals and unique content to you anywhere in the world.


A leading designer apparel company with a mission to deliver healing and wellness to all, Spiritual Gangster is working with PEAR to provide wellness and mindfulness content to compliment its ath-leisure apparel.

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