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Creating a new era of precision health, wellness and fitness.

Built on 25 years of science and evidence-based research, PEAR Health Labs' platform augments training with technology to optimize human performance, readiness and resilience while reducing injury, illness and associated costs.


Personalized for everyone


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Military and Government communities strive to optimize performance while preventing injury and illness, and reducing costs.

Access to health with fitness data and evidence-based outcomes is fragmented. Optimal health and performance can not be achieved through a one-size-fits-all approach. Delivering scalable, personalized, value-based health plans focused on keeping personnel fit is a challenge.


PEAR Labs' precision training plans allow your organization to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

PEAR delivers hyper-personalized training plans, guidance and insights to individuals and their care teams. Each plan tracks an individual's progress. PEAR's precision training continually adapts based on performance and contextual inputs. 

The PEAR Early Warning Health Intervention Platform (EWHIP) has the potential to change the landscape of preventative care in the Air Force. To be the strongest in the world, we must be the healthiest which means identifying health issues before they present a problem. PEAR Training Intelligence® will make it possible to track, assess and change how we keep Airmen at optimal performance levels.

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PEAR Training Intelligence®

PEAR Training Intelligence creates personalized experiences using AI technology.

Utilizes all available data to constantly inform users and Care Teams about the actions contributing to improved performance or deteriorating performance.

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PEAR Training Intelligence®
technology can

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Measure improvements in job-specific fitness,  resulting in improved retention and readiness

Increase number of users that can be supported by existing care teams

Reduce the number of hours lost through avoidable sickness and other health issues

Gain early visibility into additional assistance needed to reach required mental and physical health standards

Lower the cost of healthcare across government and military divisions


“I am proud to be working with the team at PEAR Sports to deliver a scalable digital solution for prenatal and postpartum Airmen to pass their PFT and return to active duty.”

Technical Sergeant Caleb Pearson
U.S. Air Force

Case Study

PEAR completed a 5-year study on 1,500 non-active adults.

The study measured the outcomes of personalized activity prescriptions given to each individual, matching their unique physiology and performance levels. 

Results showed significant improvements in fitness, resting heart rate and perceived energy levels. Participants also experienced significant reductions in body mass index (BMI) and cholesterol levels.

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In the Training Intelligence® group, 89% of participants reached the start line of their desired goal event with 100% completion rate. This result was achieved for five consecutive years.

Only 9% of the control group made it to the designated event.

Case Study Results include:

of participants reached their original goal
enjoyed the
would do it
reported higher energy levels
reduction in
reduction in
reduction in resting
heart rate
increase in aerobic


Field tested and proven over 25 years

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Project Achilles

Delivering a Personnel Readiness Platform prototype for the Department of the Air Force (DAF) to replace its existing 200 applications running on 111 different legacy systems. The project was sponsored by major DAF stakeholders including the 711 Human Performance Wing, 59th Medical Wing, Air Force Research Labs, and DAF Personnel Center.

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Developing a prenatal and postpartum offering for the DoD and Federal Mothers by building on the success of a proven Air Force program, the Postpartum Rehabilitation and Reintegration Program (PRREP). PRREP educates and assists warrior moms to return to readiness and pass the PFT within 12 months of childbirth.

EWHIP icon_white

Working with the 59th Medical Wing to develop an Early Warning Health Intervention Platform (EWHIP) to predict and ultimately prevent major causes of mortality, notably cardiometabolic health, based on key wearable and connected device data. The platform will measure the determinants of fitness and health in the same person longitudinally and assess for improvement, plateauing, or failure to respond to short-term personalized interventions.

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University of Pittsburgh

 Working with Pittsburgh University to extend PEAR machine learning algorithms to create new digital health signatures to detect a range of health and performance conditions. The goal is to provide early detection of injuries and then apply the correct prescription of care and rehabilitation focused on lower limb MSK.

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