Preventative Health

SHIELD method

How to Create a SHIELD Against Cognitive Decline


Eat more blueberries or dark chocolate. Try fish oil supplements. […]

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running from cognitive decline

Running From Cognitive Decline


There is no question that exercise provides tremendous benefits. It […]

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reverse aging through exercise, treadmill run

Reversing the Aging Process through Exercise


Like the pop superstar Cher, do you ever wish you […]

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Vicki's story, healthy aging

Vicki’s Success Story: How PEAR and Aaptiv Helped Her Regain Strength and Mobility

Accessible Exercise Programs for Healthy Aging The number of people […]

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senior exercise healthy aging

Empowering Seniors to Stay Active and Healthy: Overcoming Barriers to Exercise

As the population ages and the demand for senior healthcare […]

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overcoming barriers to behavior change

The Science Behind Behavior Change: How to Make Lasting Health Improvements

, ,

Living a healthy lifestyle requires daily physical activity and healthy […]

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The Importance of Preventative Healthcare: Shifting Towards a Proactive Approach to Improve Health and Reduce Risks

Preventative healthcare is becoming increasingly critical as chronic diseases and […]

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