Vicki’s Success Story: How PEAR and Aaptiv Helped Her Regain Strength and Mobility

Accessible Exercise Programs for Healthy Aging

The number of people aged 65 and older in the United States has grown rapidly over most of the 20th century, from 3.1 million in 1900 to 35 million in 2000. Their share of the population has grown as well, from 12.4% in 2000 to 16.0% in 2018.” This growing demographic is in need of easy-to-use exercise and mobility programs to help them improve their overall health, recover from injuries, and help them maintain strong minds and bodies for healthy aging.

Physical activity plays a vital role in the process of aging gracefully. Studies have revealed that regular physical exercise can reduce the risk of falls, lower blood pressure, increase bone density, and improve coordination. Exercise enhances overall well-being by fostering a sense of connectivity to one’s environment. Regular movement may even help reduce stress levels and improve sleep patterns for aging adults.

One outstanding example of the transformative power of exercise is the inspiring journey of Vicki, a vibrant 70-year-old who has embraced physical activity using Aaptiv.

Vicki’s Story

In 2020, Vicki was diagnosed with an interstitial lung disease, which involves progressive scarring of lung tissue that eventually impairs the ability to breathe and receive enough oxygen into the bloodstream. Her physician provided breathwork treatments, and she had to limit her exercise. As Vicki’s lungs improved from treatment, her body lost strength, and she was unsure how to resume an active lifestyle. “I lost strength in my upper and lower body and did not have the mobility that I was accustomed to pre-pandemic,” Vicki said. With cold weather in Wisconsin, she was limited in outdoor activities and lacked instruction and motivation.

Finding Motivation with Aaptiv

Vicki was introduced to Aaptiv and signed up for a 12- week workout plan. She was disciplined about using the app and felt obliged to do it as a commitment to herself. After a week in, she really enjoyed the exercises which consisted of 20-minute routines.

Vicki explains, This is doable! I can do this for 20 minutes and once I begin a workout, I get into it and the time flies by.”  She also shared, “I feel like I have a personal trainer in my house, and I love that Aaptiv offers everything from walking routines to mobility and strength.”

Vicki continued the plan for 3 months, performing workouts 5 days per week and established a schedule before dinnertime around 4pm, which is what worked best for her.

“It became so routine that I looked forward to it, and felt very motivated, and energized after the workouts. The variety is excellent and the program was created just for me.”

Regaining Strength and Mobility

After 12 weeks, Vicki felt more flexible. She had been accustomed to going to the chiropractor for back pain, but began to limit these visits as much of the mobility routines helped alleviate the discomfort and strengthen her muscles. Vicki’s health has improved; she is now walking mostly on the treadmill and also around her neighborhood block.

“I feel better overall and will recommend this to my friends as I know they can benefit from it.  I love that I can do these workouts on my phone, iPad or TV, and I will continue to use Aaptiv. I’ve felt the benefits of being stronger and more mobile and appreciate that PEAR is addressing the unique fitness needs of older adults!”

PEAR Technology Powers Aaptiv

Aaptiv leverages PEAR Training Intelligence® and its advanced AI technology to provide hyper-personalized fitness plans. By gathering personal information and biometric data through a simple questionnaire, Aaptiv offers its members a user-friendly digital platform to discover workout plans tailored to their individual needs and goals. Whether they are following a consistent exercise program, new to exercise, or advised to become more active, Aaptiv offers a diverse range of workout formats and types, including walking/running, strength training, flexibility exercises, balance routines, and mindfulness practices.


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