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PEAR Training Intelligence®

Creating a new era of precision health and fitness


Personalized and Adaptive


Powered by AI


Backed by proven physiological science

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Driven by proven physiological science

Built on 25 years of science and evidence-based research. PEAR Health Lab's Training Intelligence Platform augments training with technology to empower the athlete in all of us to move smarter, get healthier, and live happier, more active lives.

Advanced AI Platform

PEAR Lab’s platform is powered by our proprietary Training Intelligence, a patented AI program that analyzes individual data patterns and goals to generate highly customized, adaptable health and fitness plans

Our platform uses data from wearables and biometric feedback to dynamically build and adapt plans.


Eighty percent of what influences a person’s health happens outside the doctor’s office. I’m working with the innovative group at PEAR to help deliver effective, world-class digital fitness and wellness solutions to create positive health outcomes for all. Exercise has clear implications on the health of people and their communities, and with PEAR’s technology we have a great opportunity to influence that.

Robert C. Falkenberg
CEO, UnitedHealthcare of California

Knowing where we are today as a company and where we are going, we need a partner who can grow and adapt with us. PEAR sees our growth and understands our evolution. That is a game changer.

Amy Nielsen
Co-Founder of SPENGA

We taught a group of our trainers to use this platform in 5 minutes and they successfully ran a class with it. This showed how powerful the tool is.

Leigh Wierichs
Life Fitness Trainer

I can’t emphasize enough how valuable this solution is for our members and coaches. Our coaches are now able to juggle multiple responsibilities and it serves as an additional resource for our members.

Robin Cortez
Director of Team Training at Chuze Fitness

The PEAR Early Warning Health Intervention Platform (EWHIP) has the potential to change the landscape of preventative care in the Air Force. To be the strongest in the world, we must be the healthiest which means identifying health issues before they present a problem. PEAR Training Intelligence® will make it possible to track, assess and change how we keep Airmen at optimal performance levels.

Christopher Edens

Consumers want variety in their fitness routines with access to compelling and personalized classes and seamless connectivity that allows them to take their workouts anywhere … with Life Fitness Connect, we are bringing the workout to the exerciser – whether in the gym or at home – with easy-to-use tracking features that sync with equipment and wearables and a large library of on-demand and audio coaching classes to keep workouts fresh and exciting.

Dan Wille
Global Vice President of Marketing and Product Development

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