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Personalized, adaptable workout plans powered by AI


On-demand fitness led by expert trainers


In-person gym access to 25,000+ fitness centers


Cost-effective for individuals and organizations

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One app.

Infinite ways to workout.

Train with Aaptiv

Download our consumer app to get unlimited access to thousands of AI-powered and on-demand workouts

Now available for organizations and health plans

Our all-in-one solution integrates the Aaptiv fitness network directly into the Aaptiv mobile app- giving employees and health plan members access to thousands of top gyms and fitness studios


Discover a flexible, all-in-one wellness solution for happier, healthier employees


Offer your clients a comprehensive, high-quality wellness solution


Implement a complete senior fitness solution that sets your plan apart

Health Plans

Attract and retain more members while also improving health and well-being

Built with PEAR Training Intelligence®

Aaptiv uses the PEAR Training Intelligence® platform, an AI program that enhances training by leveraging technology. It offers a personalized and data-driven approach to health and fitness on the Aaptiv app. By analyzing a user's workout activity and biometric data, like resting heart rate, HRV, and sleep patterns, Aaptiv provides insights to help users prevent conditions and enhance their well-being.

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