Population Health

A personalized prescription of exercise to create positive health outcomes

PEAR Health Labs' Training Intelligence platform flips the healthcare model from one focused on treatment, to one focused on prevention.


Leveraging 25 years of science and evidence-based research

PEAR Labs' Platform establishes a unique physiological model for every end user.

This allows for the prescription of personalized activity and exercise, tailored for each individual.

Programming continually adapts to the user's changing performance and conditions to deliver unprecedented insights.



Despite spending more than $3 trillion every year on healthcare, America is not healthy.

1_33rd on global healthiest

Currently 33rd on the global healthiest nations list

2_at least one chronic disease

210 million Americans have at least one chronic disease

3_US adults obese

97 million US adults are obese. Another 63 million are overweight

4_less than 3% measurable characteristics

Less than 3% meet the measurable characteristics that reduce risks for heart disease


Every American has access to the most readily available and under-prescribed drug in the world – Exercise!

The benefits of exercise have been proven:

Healthy group of mature people jogging on track at park. Happy senior couple running at park with african friends. Multiethnic middle aged friends exercising together outdoor.

Reduces risk of depression, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, many cancers, cognitive decline, and prevents early death

Home serobics. Mature man doing lunges exercises on mat in living room, enjoying domestic fitness training wearing sportswear and smiling, free space

Increases the efficacy of other
care programs by prescribing exercise specific to the target outcome

Yet . . .

People are still not doing it

7_physical inactivity

Physical inactivity is the fourth leading cause of death in the world

8_fail to meet CDC activity guidelines

260 million Americans fail to meet the CDC activity guidelines

9_Americans don't exercise at all

82.1 million Americans aged six and above don’t exercise at all

10_US annual health costs improper physical activity

$117 billion in US annual health costs are attributed to improper physical activity


PEAR Health Labs provides an AI-powered digital platform that optimizes human health and fitness by

12_Identifying an individual's current health and fitness

Identifying an individual’s health and fitness status to make informed decisions about proactive health management

11_prescribing hyper-personalized adaptive prescriptions

Prescribing hyper-personalized, adaptive exercise guidance to improve health, wellness, and help avoid preventable conditions

The PEAR solutions are proven to increase engagement and results as shown in a 5-year study on 1,500 adults.

Case Study Results include:

of participants reached
their original goal
enjoyed the
would do it
reported higher
energy levels


PEAR proprietary technology can

Apply preventative care to reduce avoidable sickness and health issues.

Identify individuals that need additional assistance to attain physical health and wellness.

Increase significantly the number of patients that can be supported by specialist care teams.

Reduce the cost of healthcare for everyone.


“Eighty percent of what influences a person’s health happens outside the doctor’s office. I’m working with the innovative group at PEAR to help deliver effective, world-class digital fitness and wellness solutions to create positive health outcomes for all. Exercise has clear implications on the health of people and their communities, and with PEAR’s technology we have a great opportunity to influence that.”

Robert C. Falkenberg
CEO, UnitedHealthcare of California


Field tested and proven over 25 years

Active Aging for 55+

Aaptiv for Medicare is specifically designed to address endurance, flexibility, balance and strength in older adults. The app uses PEAR Training Intelligence® AI engine to provide personally prescribed training plans to meet individual needs and goals. PEAR has also created an equivalent app for the nation’s largest Medicare insurance provider.


Working with the 59th Medical Wing to develop an Early Warning Health Intervention Platform (EWHIP) to predict and ultimately prevent major causes of mortality, notably cardiometabolic health, based on key wearable and connected device data. The platform will measure the determinants of fitness and health in the same person longitudinally and assess for improvement, plateauing, or failure to respond to short-term personalized interventions.

University of Pittsburgh

 Working with Pittsburgh University to extend PEAR machine learning algorithms to create new digital health signatures to detect a range of health and performance conditions. The goal is to provide early detection of injuries and then apply the correct prescription of care and rehabilitation focused on lower limb MSK.

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