All Users are assigned a role: Client, Trainer, or Admin. Each of those roles have different permissions in Pro, learn more here!

Admin Role

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Users with an Admin Role have access to most setting in Pro. Learn how to manage Clients and Trainers, create workouts, set themes, and so much more.

Trainer Role

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Users with a Trainer Role can communicate with clients through the mobile app, create and assign workouts, and view results helping increase the trainer/client connection!

How to Manage Users (video)

Admins have the ability to access and update user accounts in Pro. Update passwords, add new users, remove user information (GDPR), and more!

Role Permissions and User Management

When adding users, they are assigned a roles.  Each role has different permissions and abilities to help safeguard the content. ...

Deleting Users

Users many request their data be removed from the database.  GDPR requires these requests be attended too swiftly, here's how.

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