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Learn how to distribute your workouts by utilizing our casting feature. The PEAR Cast engages clients with published workouts on multiple large screen smart TVs. Or text, email or scan a workout to instantly appear on members’ phones.

Create a Group of Devices (video)

PEAR Studio allows you cast workouts to a single device or a group of devices.  This video shows you how...

Download the PEAR Cast App (video)

Download PEAR Cast to your devices, connect to your Studio account, then distribute workouts to a single screen or to...

Utilizing the End Date setting when publishing workouts (video)

Control when your workouts are available for casting by selecting the End Date option

Private vs Public Settings (video)

Pro allows you the capability to make your workouts available for selection, or to be kept behind the scenes per...

How to cast to a single device in Studio (how-to slides)

How to Publish Workouts to Studio (how-to slides)

Use this step-by-step guide to publish workouts to your studio account for casting. 

Device Set-Up (how-to slides)

Follow this quick guide for device connection.  Once your devices are connected, log into Studio for casting. 

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