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Creating a new era of precision health, wellness and fitness.

Built on 25 years of science and evidence-based research, PEAR Health Labs' Platform delivers scalable, intelligent, and prescriptive coaching solutions through proven AI technology.


Personalized for everyone


Highly accessible and scalable


Adapts with your biometrics

Build a unique experience for your members.

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Today’s fitness consumer is overwhelmed by seemingly unlimited choices with digital fitness content.

However, users often lack affordable access to personal coaching and must decide on their own how to achieve their goals.

Wearable devices provide more personal information, but they do not provide personalized insights and recommendations for action.


PEAR Labs delivers hyper-personalized training plans, guidance, and insights to individuals through smart AI and human-touch coaching to more easily achieve health and fitness goals.

Generates hyper-personalized fitness plans that align to an individual's goals, abilities, and preferences.

Provides real-time coaching that ensures the best results.


The PEAR solutions are proven to increase engagement and results as shown in a 5-year study on 1,500 adults.

Case Study Results include:

of participants reached
their original goal
enjoyed the
would do it
reported higher
energy levels

Consumers want variety in their fitness routines with access to compelling and personalized classes and seamless connectivity that allows them to take their workouts anywhere … with Life Fitness Connect, we are bringing the workout to the exerciser – whether in the gym or at home – with easy-to-use tracking features that sync with equipment and wearables and a large library of on-demand and audio coaching classes to keep workouts fresh and exciting.

Dan Wille

Global Vice President of Marketing and Product Development
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Highly Accessible AI Personal Training

PEAR Training Intelligence provides accessible and affordable personal coaching by leveraging AI technology automation.

Powered by a user’s personal data from wearables, equipment, and mobile apps, PEAR Training Intelligence can prescribe personal plans, deliver real-time coaching, and adapt over time.

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We continually hear feedback from customers who say they feel stronger than ever. The Corefirst app, built with PEAR, is a clear and easy guide to help and motivate our customers to achieve goals they've never accomplished before. The Corefirst™ system was originally created to help people turn on their large core muscles and by-pass limitations of the limbs. We're happy to say that today, it's a tool used by people all over the world to help accomplish health and fitness goals. We are thrilled to launch our engaging digital experience with the help of PEAR.

Jeffrey D Huling

CEO Corefirst

Why Pear

PEAR Training Intelligence®
technology provides

Proven solutions that allow you to more quickly and cost-effectively build intelligent coaching experiences that drive deeper member engagement

Trusted solutions used by leading brands and backed by evidence and physiological science

An enterprise-level platform that provides the security, reliability, and scalability you need for your business with the tools to easily integrate and deploy


Field tested and proven over 25 years

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Through the newly relaunched Life Fitness Connect app, built with PEAR, users are able to take advantage of a growing library of Life Fitness On-Demand™ classes. Exercisers are given a complete interactive experience with Life Fitness equipment by scanning a QR code on any Life Fitness equipment and unlocking a library of classes specific to the equipment being used.  PEAR and Life Fitness continue to work together to advance the innovation of connected fitness.

Total Gym logo_white

Transforming fitness with a one-stop-shop experience, Total Gym is taking its incline bodyweight machine to the next level by producing customized content with exercise moves and full workouts. This new library of content, produced with PEAR, will maximize the company’s equipment capabilities and optimize workouts with its app, built with PEAR, that features the coaching content.

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A European powerhouse for fitness equipment, Kettler is enhancing the experience for its users with a new app, built with PEAR, to introduce an extensive library of workouts for full utilization of its equipment and content. Training content is featured both on and off Kettler equipment.

Kaysen Vector logo_white

Built on a mission of mental and physical resilience, the Kayezen Vector now has an app, built with PEAR, that showcases the multifaceted capabilities of the Vector, it’s convenience and durability. Its compact footprint, complimented by the app showcasing an expansive set of workouts and exercise moves, allows the Vector to travel wherever the workout is.

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