Understanding PEAR Training Intelligence Enhanced Vo2Max Metrics

VO2Max is an industry measure of aerobic capacity, or the maximum rate at which the body is able to consume oxygen during exercise. The upper limit of your personal VO2Max score depends in part on your age and gender as well as your fitness level. While VO2Max is a reliable indicator of cardiovascular fitness, the insights it provides to develop one’s training plan are limited. This is because a person must be completely fresh to measure their VO2Max.

The VO2Max metric does not account for one’s fatigue level. How often do you experience zero fatigue levels while training? For most people, it takes 5 or more days to freshen sufficiently for a true VO2Max measurement to be obtained. This is often difficult during a training program due to the continuous frequency of exercise sessions.

PEAR’s Enhanced VO2Max & Daily Fitness Score

To make VO2Max more insightful, PEAR has added factors that account for your recent fatigue level, which impacts your actual performance. The resulting rolling fitness score is a refinement of VO2Max, modulated by recovery and load. PEAR calls it your Daily Fitness score

Measurement Question Answer
Daily Fitness What am I capable of today based on my recent exercise load and recovery schedule?
This is a sensitive, rolling fitness score that is constantly refined based on lifestyle factors such as sleep, work loads, hydration and many other factors.
Fatigue How much have recent life activities affected my cardio abilities?
Fatigue levels are measured using recent exercise load and recovery.
PEAR VO2Max What am I capable of at my best?
How I will perform at my very best from a cardiovascular and respiratory standpoint. This is a slow-moving metric that changes only slightly over time.

All of these scores are important. Unlike VO2Max, the Daily Fitness score can change quickly and is a more timely measure of how well you performed cardiovascularly today given your recent activities and rest. It replaces VO2Max, which is a broad, top-of-the-funnel fitness level measurement.

Improving on the Standard: PEAR’s VO2Max Algorithm

The PEAR VO2Max calculation has been refined over the past 25 years of science and coaching. Most common calculations estimate VO2Max using heart rate and speed, and then eliminate inputs that appear to be affected by differences in terrain.

  •  The PEAR VO2Max algorithm improves upon the common metric by utilizing PEAR’s proprietary Running Power metric which takes terrain gradient into account as well as the cardiac lag that results from acceleration and deceleration.
  •  Since VO2Max is a maximal cardiovascular measure, it must be reported only when the exerciser is fresh and not suffering from any fatigue. We have optimized PEAR’s measurement window to be longer in order to use only ‘fresh’ workouts where an accurate estimation of VO2Max is most likely.

The Who & Why of Optimized Performance Metrics

Individual users typically prefer simplicity in their metrics -- “Just tell me what I need to know.” Coaches and trainers, on the other hand, favor more precise tools that help them make informed decisions for their clients.

PEAR Training Intelligence Powers Aaptiv

PEAR Training Intelligence enables Aaptiv’s AI-powered personal trainer, SmartCoach. Aaptiv is uniquely designed to adapt to the user’s progress and create realistic expectations that help boost productivity and improve well-being. By collecting data and feedback on users’ fitness levels, workout preferences, and progress, Aaptiv can constantly adapt their plan to meet personalized goals. Aaptiv’s SmartCoach is just one example of how PEAR Training Intelligence is helping individuals achieve their fitness goals with greater precision and efficiency.


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