PEAR Pro is a hosted web tool that builds and stores workout content. It allows trainers and organizations to design custom workouts for clients and employees. Upload your own content or utilize our library of 2000+ exercises that includes long-form and individual exercise moves.

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Admin Role

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Users with an Admin Role have access to most setting in Pro. Learn how to manage Clients and Trainers, create workouts, set themes, and so much more.

Trainer Role

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Users with a Trainer Role can communicate with clients through the mobile app, create and assign workouts, and view results helping increase the trainer/client connection!


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All Users are assigned a role: Client, Trainer, or Admin. Each of those roles have different permissions in Pro, learn more here!

Trainer Workouts

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Trainer Workouts are created by the Admin or Trainer role, designed with a series of snippets or long form videos, and delivered through mobile apps.


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Carry your company colors, imaging, and branding over to Pro and Studio by utilizing the Theme feature.

Studio Workouts

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Studio Workouts are a series of snippets that, when published, are available for casting to our Studio customers.


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Promo Codes allows users to access without having a membership, great for a complementary, introduction to your organization, offering and app!


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A great option for workouts that benefit from continual instruction, Videos (30 seconds or more) can be used in lieu of shorter exercise snippets. Perfect for yoga, pilates, and biking!


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Upload exciting, dynamic imagery and curate your library of thumbnails to help define your organization's workouts.


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Upload your Exercise snippets (30 seconds or less, no audio) to this section as building blocks for your workouts.


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By keeping your Equipment list updated, workouts can be tagged properly and users will be prepared with the equipment needed.


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Tagging workouts properly with Categories such as muscle groups, styles, and programs are vital in the returning of content your users are searching for.

Manage & Update

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Ensure Pro is performing optimally for your organization by utilizing all the robust features available.

A Pro Overview: Admin View (video)

Pro is your control center, the back-end where you manage your content and users. Let's take a tour!

Welcome to Pro! (how-to slides)

Let's dig into the Admin view of PRO, it's capabilities and features. 

How to Create a Custom Workout (slides)

Your workouts, your way...use Pro to create dynamic, robust workouts to distribute to your clientbase.

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