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Ensure Pro is performing optimally for your organization by utilizing all the robust features available.

Manage your profile in Studio (video)

This video will show how to update your profile with in the Studio platform.  

Manage Equipment List (video)

When creating your exercises you can tag them with equipment.  Manage your equipment list to make your content searchable and...

How to Manage Users (video)

Admins have the ability to access and update user accounts in Pro. Update passwords, add new users, remove user information (GDPR), and more!

Private vs Public Settings (video)

Pro allows you the capability to make your workouts available for selection, or to be kept behind the scenes per...

Add and Edit Tags/Categories (how-to slides)

Tagging Categories is essential for a robust searching experience for your users.  Here is how to maintain this list to...

Managing Users for Trainers (how-to slides)

Pro is a powerful tool allowing user management with ease.  Learn how here!

Promo Codes (how-to slides)

Promo Codes are a powerful tool to allow potentials users access to your app. Learn how simple they are to...

Add and Edit Equipment (how-to slides)

Pro allows you to select what equipment will be needed for exercises and workouts.  Here's how to manage that list...

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